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Position Paper
Influences of family Background My relationship with my parents is very well. We talk a lot and I feel comfortable telling them just about anything. Although I have two sisters and three brothers, I’ve only lived in the same house with two of them. They all encourage me positively. My socioeconomic situation is very well at home. My family is very supportive also all of my good decisions and support me if I am having a tough time.My family expects me to get good grades, with a B being on the border of them asking me when I’m going to retake a quiz or a test.
My school experience has been good so far this school year. Since my mom works at the elementary school, and my dad works at the middle school, this is my first school year without having a parent in the building! So far I have gotten very good grades and am liking the opportunities at the high school. I feel included daily with my peers. I have plenty of friends not just in my grade. I have a couple role models for my future. I would call my dad my biggest good role model for me because he is a very good musician and is very good at fishing and hunting, and I know he will help me with all my goals, because he can teach me personally.
Summary of Present Position I see myself as a musician, and a outdoorsman. Other people see me as a musician, fisherman, and a hunter because I go fishing and hunting a lot, and sometimes miss school for certain honor choirs and bands. I feel I communicate well with others. I can work well and contribute to group work, and do well on my own as well. I