Essay on Possesion: Moral Character

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Possession, we as humans have an unavoidable tendency to claim all as our own. Even as children we have the custom of the selfish use of the word “mine.” It is believed that most people have learned to use ownership self-beneficiary rather than as a small form of ego boost to raise self-conscience and awareness in order to benefit the greater population. Yet whether it is tangible ownership or the ownership of knowledge and skills I trust that ownership of tangible and intangible goods is merely a test on one’s moral character.
The achievements succeeded with the help of tangible ownership are much more important than the ownership itself. There is a choice given when granted ownership, which then becomes a test of one’s character. Lady Gaga, a pop star of our current generation, receives a high quantity of money, yet rather than being greedy and selfish she donates thousands of dollars to the Regeneration Campaign for homeless youth. In return she only asks of her fans to answer her phone call during her concert and tell her how she’s impacted their lives. Most celebrities, although they live luxuriously, they desire more and share little to none. In this case, Lady Gaga is willing to give some of her own wealth in order to give others food, shelter, and a sense of security. She uses her ownership of all that money for the good of others rather than for more self-gain.
Not so far from average households is another example of how tangible ownership tests the moral character. I myself on a daily basis watch over 4 children and have noticed how their owning of certain toys affects them. The oldest of the children shows a form of a good moral character due to her understanding of the concept of sharing and her ability to let the others use her things without asking for something in return. Many children find it difficult to share because of their lack of understanding the morals behind the action. Yet there are those occasions where the child has learned the differences between greediness and generosity and they themselves choose to have a greater moral character by using their tangible goods to benefit others as well as themselves.
It is true that sometimes ownership of both tangible and intangible goods is taken for granted and used in a selfish manner. For example, mobsters such as Al Capone, Frank Nitti, Jack Guzik and many others who allowed power and money (intangible and tangible goods) come to control over their lives. The must for power and money replaced the want of a good moral character. These physical and immaterial goods, in their eyes, became of more importance to them then things like morals and the lives of others.
Thinking back on the children I care for, I find an example of how both tangible and intangible “goods” deteriorate the child’s moral character. The second to youngest girl is most spoiled of them all. She receives not only most of the compliments thrown out but most of the objects bought are given to her. She shows a poor moral character by allowing the compliments given overwhelm her head and make her feel above the rest of the children. Also by acting selfish and not allowing the other children to play with her toys she shows how the possession of these objects has come between her and her pursuit for a good moral