Essay on Possibilities of Life

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Possibilities of life
George Orwell is the author, he was born in1903-1950 h was born in India. and was most famous for his writing that focused on the appalling possibilities of life in a totalitarian state with that in mind this poem is mainly about a loose full groan elephant that is in the town of moulmein disrupting the towns people. Leading to a problem for the soldiers to whether shoot down the elephant to prove a point that thy are more powerful than just some random elephant that disturbed the people or do they just escort the elephant and take it back were it belongs but be seen as weak and showing that in away the elephant can control them rather than soldiers being able to take a hold of the situation and handle it with some sort of higher power.
The authors choice of words is my first point and to mehis decision in words are a very big deal duetothat it reflects on what he thinks and how he feels about whats going on which can show alot about how the author thinks informing the readers with more than just information.My second point is how the writters attitude is towards the subject. And to me he really truly dosnt want to kill the elephant and would rather just do away with it and get on with it. but instead he does what people suspect just because if things aren’t done a certain way things will get out of hand and will cause a even bigger problem than what there was in the beginning and thats the last thing he wants to do of corse.
So over all he proves