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The beginning of immigration and migration to the United States is directly connected to construction of railroads in the United States. However, due to the Civil War, this railroad construction was delayed until 1866 at which time the Central Pacific Railroad began laying track from the Sacramento towards the east and the Central Pacific Railroad began laying track from Omaha towards the west. The colossal work that was comprised in constructing railroads could have not been achievable without Chinese laborers. “The work ethic of the Chinese impressed James Strobride, the foreman of construction, as did their willingness to do the dangerous work of blasting areas for track in the treacherous Sierra Nevada, an effort that cost some Chinese laborers their lives” (Immigration to the U.S.). A total of 12,000 Chinese immigrants were employed by 1866 by the Central Pacific Railroad which comprised approximately 80 percent of their workforce. (Immigration to the U.S.). In spite of the racial discrimination, the Chinese workers were dedicated to completing the railroad. Needless, to say Americans despised the Chinese workers and began attributing unemployment and the decline of wages to the Chinese workers. Thus, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was ratified in response to these fears restricting immigration into the United States. “Congress passed the exclusion act to placate worker demands and assuage prevalent concerns about maintaining white ‘racial purity’” (
“The statute of 1882 suspended Chinese immigrants for ten years and declared the Chinese as ineligible for naturalization” ( Though the Chinese workers challenged the discriminatory acts based on the endowments of the constitution, their efforts were unsuccessful. “The act was renewed in 1892 for another ten years, and in 1902 Chinese immigration was made permanently illegal. The legislation proved very effective, and the Chinese population in the United States sharply declined. The Chinese themselves remained ineligible for citizenship until 1943” (

Young Aristocrats," Pictures of Old Chinatown, by
Arnold Genthe, 1908
It seems to me that Americans have a history of prejudice and discrimination based on ignorance, fear, resentment and