Poster: Potato and Combi Microwave Essay

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The Panasonic NN-CT569MBPQ is a slimline combi microwave, offering 27 litres of capacity complete with 1000w of power.
Below is our review of the Panasonic NN-CT569MBPQ, a 1000 Watts, 27 litre Silver Combi Microwave.
Looking to buy a large capacity combi microwave, but don't have much kitchen space? This slimline model from Panasonic may just fit the bill, providing 27 litres of capacity from within it's small frame. Weighing just 13.5kg, and measuring 52cm by 31cm by 39.5cm, it still somehow features a pretty spacious interior with dimensions of 35.9cm by 21.7cm by 35.2cm.
If you are interested in a powerful do it all microwave, that will put up with day to day usage and wear and tear, then the NN-CT569MBPQ is definitely worth considering - it is exceptionally well designed.
It features 10 different food options - Curry, Chinese, Pasta, Casserole, Fish, Vegetables, Jacket Potatoes, Potato Products, Chicken and Pizza, which should cover a large percentage of daily tasks.
All of the controls are well labelled, making this microwave suitable for both the young and older generations.
The grill mode features 1300W of overall power, and the oven provides a temperature range of between 100-220C. Both worked very well, and cooked various dishes beautifully - our testers were impressed.
It also features the excellent Chaos defrost facility, which consistently works well on a variety of food types.
The main selling feature for us is the overall size - considering the large…