Postive Emotions Essay

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Jessica Wollinsky

POSITIVE EMOTIONS It has been found that by surrounding yourself with positive emotions and things will help you to have a better life. Researchers found in different controlled experiments that depending on a person’s ethnic background determines how much positive emotions affect them, or don’t. Some people may be cautious or fearful of different emotions. For example if a person is giving to much praise they may not appreciate it as much or may not find or think its truthful.. When studied it was found that Asians associate happiness with the whole society’s harmony. So as long as everyone In their society is doing the same no one is doing better than anyone else and they are all getting along, and they are all happy. Americans are more sensitive than Asians and fed off of their emotions. When Americans are told something over and over may it be negative or positive they begin to believe it so it is always better to try and surround yourself with positive things. If you take an American person and a Asian person and you put them in the same scenario with another rude person the Asian person is more likely to not get upset and just walk away from any conflict or confrontation however an American may fed into the drama and make a big fight or fuss. It is harder for Americans to swallow their pride then it is for an Asian person to be the bigger person. These are all results from different experiments conducted by researchers about the effects of positive emotions on Americans and Asians. It is found that Americans gain some kind of satisfaction from personal achievement such as gradating or getting a promotion. Not saying that Asians don’t gain satisfaction from accomplishing things however it doesn’t affect them the same or change their mood. In the different studies conducted Asians don’t seem to get as excited or at least don’t show or express as much emotion as Americans. Asians are more optimistic than Americans, Asians are known to find the good in the bad, Which means even in a bad situation, of if they are going through a tough time they are able to see something good or positive in it. The type of person that always thinks it could be worse, when they are having a hard time. A study was done and researchers rated different people and how stressed or depressed they were and recorded their stress and depression levels. They even documented how much the people did or did not eat and if their stress or depression had anything to do with it. Many more Americans than Asians suffer from some type of depression. Receiving positive feedback and comments in general help to make anyone feel good about them. We all like to hear good things about ourselves