Postmodern Writing Style

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The writing style used in these books basically modern and postmodern. Usually in modern and postmodern written works the authors use short sentences and paragraphs. The shorter the sentences and paragraph, the quicker it is read. The downside is that because it read so quickly, nothing stays in the mind of the reader. Its bad if you’re trying to create a character. Characters are usually given no physical description, and one or more characters is usually an outcast, in this story its one of his daughters that is the outcast. There is usually more use of the first person reflection the lack of a universal all together truth which means the story is being told a perspective. Bill cosby’s style of postmodern and modern writing relate to a lot of authors too. For example just as the great Maya Angelo he uses short sentences to get the climax of the story. They both use their own life experiences as a reference in their boos. Not only making family an example but themselves too. In their books they usually don’t come to one all knowing conclusion, they leave a bit of mystery of some sort. The story has to be put together using the readers mind. Bill cosby also differs in his writing because he has some award tools he uses in writing. He still will make someone a complete outcast while holding another up on a pedestal. In most other modern and postmodern writings they usually focus on the outcast but give a feeling that their being is oka, sort of like accepting chaos.