Postmodernism: Jean-françois Lyotard and Big Stories Essay

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1. Metanarrative is another word for “big stories”. The “big stories” that postmodernist say “don't exist” are the common, grand narratives that some people groups or individuals claim to have found. As a Christian, I believe that God created the universe. This is considered a metanarrative by postmodernist; claiming that because of the great diversity in beliefs around the world, we must allow for multiple theoretical standpoints instead of one all-encompassing theory, such as my own. In abandoning such metanarratives, we could began to progress toward acceptance of all people and their “smaller stories” resulting in better communication throughout cultures and people groups.

2. Postmodernism presents us with a possibility of unity in the world. They leave room for people to practice the religion of their choice just as long as you understand that “your belief” is all that is. It makes it easier for people to have their own beliefs and not have to worry about trying to change someone elses. The downside to postmodernism though, is that it fails to provide answers to questions that haunt every soul on earth, “What is my purpose? Is there a God? How did I get here?”. Another fault of postmodernism is the lack of consistency among its “believers” (which I suppose works for their idea of, “everybody has their own beliefs and we should just accept them all”), yet the fact that they can claim that everybody has their own beliefs and that we should accept them