Postnatal Depression Essay

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An insight into Postnatal Depression

Depression is a major part of society today. It has a large impact on sufferers and their surrounding communities. It can cause stressful situations and is not always diagnosed straight away.
A typical example of depression often found in women is postnatal depression. Postnatal depression can occur anytime after a woman has a baby; either immediately or sometime after the birth, Commonly known as ‘baby blues’ this depression can cause many issues for mothers including lack of sleep, irritability and negative thoughts. Becoming a new mother is a life changing experience, and one that affects all women differently.

A typical symptom of postnatal depression is the mothers lack of interest in their baby. It is an area that needs to be closely looked after by friends and family as it can sometimes put a baby in danger. This area of the depression has no effect on the future on the mother and babies relationship as the mother and babies bond can continue to grow in its natural process later in time.

Society puts lots of demands and expectations on a new mother, which a woman may feel she needs to live up to. She may find herself struggling to stay in contact with her friends and workmates.

The statement above shows that social factors are a huge impact on why a mother may experience the ‘baby blues’, a whole change in lifestyle occurs and it can be nerve racking for any new mother. A mother may also be introduced to new communities such as mother and baby groups and will consequently spend less time doing their own leisurely activities. The new communities can have a positive effect on mothers, introducing them to other mothers that are in a similar situation.