Postpartum Senario Essay

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To: Prenatal and Postpartum Patients
From: Nicole Hunter
Date: 7/18/2013
Re: Daily activities to help with future development
Postpartum depression is a sense of sadness or lack of happiness. Between eight and fifteen percent of new mothers experience postpartum depression. This type of depression is often referred to as baby blues which is the mildest form of depression as well as postpartum psychosis which is known as the most server form of depression. This type of depression is known to cause mothers to find caring for their baby and performing such duties as bathing, changing diapers, and feeding a burden. Some mothers may even possess the thought of doing harm to themselves or their baby. Postpartum depression can last for a while; it is a good idea to get immediate treatment to avoid causing long-term impact on you or your child. Here are some daily activities to perform to help avoid postpartum depression.

Five Activities for postpartum depression:

Activity 1: Stay Active Make time for a physical activity everyday such as walking, running, dancing, or palates. Try to do this for at least 10-20 minutes just to take your mind off of the heavy things that may be weighing you down.

Activity 2: Do Something Fun Even though it may be difficult for you; try doing something that maybe fun for you. Some type of hobby you may have or try to do something easy you planned to do before you got pregnant and had your baby; or think of some things you wanted to do when you were pregnant but could not do and do them one thing per day.

Activity 3: Spend time with others Even though it may seem so much easier to avoid people when you feel down, try not to. You should not be alone at such a time. Try spending time talking to friends or doing other activities with people and while doing so try to express your feelings and