Painting Is Just Another Way Of Keeping A Diary?

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Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso
32- I created this artwork because I believe that nature is close to god as in to state that he made the world and all its inhabitants to his different idea of perfection.
33- The theme and inspiration for my artwork is nature and the fact that it’s everywhere that you look and no matter where you are there is always nature around you and your family
46- My artwork relates to the mystery of god by showing that he is all around us and what we do every day, and that if we want things to remain beautiful than we should take care of it before we wake up one day and its gone
Link – I’m now going to write about the elements of art that my artwork has and then I’ll be talking about the theme and to finish off I’ll be doing my conclusion.

Elements of art-
Line- the lines in my artwork are both rough and smooth to look at
Shape- the shapes in my artwork are circles, squares and triangles
Form- the form of my artwork is free form given the fact that there isn’t really such a thing as man-made nature, unless it’s made of plastic, but as you could have thought these photos aren’t of plastic nature.
Space- there’s some empty space in my artwork and there are some of the pictures that have no empty space in them
Texture- my artwork doesn’t really have a particular texture to do with it.
Colour- some of my pictures are in black and white while some are in colour, others are in black and white with