Potential Bullying Essay

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Bullying is a huge problem in teen’s lives which is affecting their time in school, in my opinion kids are taking bullying too far and schools need to do more about it, students are bullying other students which is effecting them too much as where the commit suicide, school anti­bullying programs are bringing the problem into the open, the law needs to be toughened to add criminal penalties, they need to have counseling and help for them to try to stop. Parents are oblivious to what’s happening to their children in school. Bullying all around the world is getting worse and stronger action is needed. Schools all over the world have work to do.
“A new law defines cyberbullying as harassment taking place through any electronic means that
“reasonably causes or would reasonably be expected to cause physical injury or emotional harm to a student” (Buffalo News.) Many students are doing the best they can in school while other students are spending most of their time picking on their peers. This is becoming a problem to teachers and our school environment. Students/children think that it’s okay to hurt other kid’s feelings for their own self esteem.
The bullies don’t know what harm they can do to the people they’re affecting. What bullies don’t know is that they are causing more and more harm to the students. Students that are self­conscious are more likely to be bullied than a person who doesn’t care what people think.
What adults don’t expect is for their child to be in drama that happens around the school that lasts around 30 seconds. Getting adults/teachers into problems will only worsen it and get the bully to threaten you even more than they were before. Incidents such as “calling names, teasing” are happening in homes today. Depression and anxiety problems are caused by bullying. Depression has risen from the past years and now is leading to the common problems such as suicide, cutting, anxiety attacks and family/friend exclusion. The bullies do not feel any guiltiness, sadness, or repentance. They are not depressed, feel no sorrow, and keep going on with their normal life. If the people who are getting bullied respond the response will automatically trigger the repetition of this torment.
"The only reason that children get picked on over and over again is because they are getting upset,"(Downey, Maureen.) Bullies are getting too crazed and someone needs to start to take notice and see what’s going on. Most of the bullying these days takes place at home or on the internet. Cyber­bullying is the most common type of bullying that happens today. The internet apps are the most popular means used for bullying. My view on cyber­bullying is that the bullies don’t have the guts to say it to their face in public/real life. Despite the fact that I think that we should have more adults/teachers taking action on the things that are going around, I believe that kids bully others if they have problems outside of school and want to take it out on another kid. To fix this problem people want to make anti­bullying programs that I think will only make it worse. They also try to make days where name calling, teasing, and intimidation are not allowed. I don’t think that this helps unless they

punish the bully so much to the point that they won’t do it again or they will be punished even worse than they were before. The schools “programs” against bullying only makes matters worse since the rate of how many kids are becoming depressed doesn’t matter to the bullies out there.
Bullies will keep on doing what they have been doing until they feel satisfactory about what has been done. I think that adults need to do more to have the feeling that their child is safe and is in a non­violent learning environment. “The drive to turn teachers into 24­hour bully police and impose criminal punishments will only worsen the problem....He argues that the more effective strategy is to