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Lauren Zasucha
Mrs. Burns
13 August 2013
My Potential My name is Lauren Zasucha and I am fourteen years old. I have been living in Georgia for approximately a year now; previously I lived in Fredericksburg, Va. I live with my parents and my two sisters, Rachel and Ava. Since I have been living in Georgia I have joined softball and a community orchestra named Center Strings where I play the cello. In addition to that instrument I also play the guitar and the clarinet. I really like to sing to, so knowing how to play these instruments really comes in handy. That’s most of my assets!
I have high hopes in what I will achieve in the following year. I would like to receive as many A’s as possible; hopefully all A’s. I received them last year, and I hope to keep the streak running. I would also strive to get all of my work turned in. I had a slight issue with turning my work in during elementary school but in middle school I managed to fix it a bit. In high school I will force myself to get every piece of work turned in on time. I have set high standards for myself, so I expect to succeed this year. I have accomplished a fair amount in my mere 14 years. For starters I was school council president in fifth grade. In sixth grade I was accepted into a summer program which consisted of lengthy applications and recommendations from teachers, as well as sending in your GPA and an essay. Luckily, I was able to get in not only in my sixth grade year, but in my seventh also. Ever since the third grade