Poundland Analysis Essay

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South Thames College of London

Strategic Marketing Management Unit 7 (CH004/TF9BA)

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LECTURER: John Sweeney

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| * To provide long term stability for a company. * Know the purpose of the company * Determine the responsibility * To achieve a profitable growth | Marketing Audit | Analyzing the external audit (competition, technology, business and economic environment, market…) Internal audit (Own company, profit margins, marketing mix, marketing, strengths and weaknesses…) | * It is to know what need to be changed in order to have better profits. * Growing turbulence of the business and products life cycle | SWOT Analyses | Identify Internal strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats of the business. | * By not doing a SWOT, we will not able to know what need changing. * Know the keys points of the Business. | Assumptions | Standardize the planning environment, drawing up of the key elements for the business success. | * To avoid different plans and focuses. * Identify a common agreed direction for the company. | Marketing Objectives and Strategies | Product, price, place, promotion. | * To achieve the corporate goals. * How to develop the business, the facilities required… | Estimate Expected Results | Judgment about the feasibility of the business. | * To measure the business in term of sales, profit, market share… * By not doing this