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Was the 19th century London a blessed or cursed place to live in?

In this essay I’ll explain whether the 19th century London was cursed or blessed place to live in. In my opinion I feel the 19th century London century was a cursed place to live in, my views shall come clearer in due time. Use of language to describe London The language of English has changed drastically over the years. In the 19th century the language was very well-spoken, and more formal take a look at this quote “i wander thro’ each charter’d street” now in the 21st century that would be “i walk through every known street” that quote was taken from the poem London by William Blake which gives London an overall bed view. Inventions
The inventions of London in the 19th century may give you the impression that it was a blessed place to live in with all sorts of new technology etc... Although before the inventions there were many diseases and illnesses which there were no cures to. However in the 21st century we always had these objects and the century is still up and coming even though we have got these inventions from the 19th century. On the other hand there were some very good inventions in the 19th century as such as
• Got rid of the “great stink”-Joseph Bazalgette
He created the sewers where now all our waste and sewage goes to from the toilet to kitchen sink to bath water.
• Created antiseptic-Lister
• Antiseptic-able to cure wounds killing all bacteria around it and in the air. It was made using carbolic acid.

Many people in the 19th century were poor so therefore there was a lot of poverty also on the other hand the rich were not all for charity, so it was tough which means the poor children did not get schooled well, because of their wealth. So did not get a good education.…