Poverty and Gatsby Essay

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The Great Gatsby
1. The Green light: The green light represents the hopes and dreams of Gatsby. Just as dreams are not easily obtained, the green light is in the far distance and shows that it takes work to create the American dream that Gatsby wanted to create for himself with Daisy.
Gatsby’s Car: Gatsby’s car represents the life that he has created for himself. It shows the material wealth and power that he has obtained, all of which is only to impress Daisy and show her the life she could have with him.
T.J. Eckleburg: The eyes of T.J. Eckleburg represent the constant judgement of both people and God. It shows that God is always watching over and sees everything that happens in the Valley of Ashes, including all the good, and all of the bad like the murder of Myrtle.
Weather: The weather represents the mood of the scene and what the characters are feeling. When Gatsby and Tom fight, it is the hottest day of the summer. When Gatsby and Daisy meet each other again for the first time, the storm clouds clear.
Geography: The geography of the book represents the newly rich, the old rich, and the poor. East egg is the old rich, who were rich before the war and earned money honestly. West egg is the new rich, which is all of the people who recently got rich mostly from illegal ways such as bootlegging. The valley of ashes represents the poor, and how they created the foundation of society with cheap labor.
Owl Eyed Man: He represents things similar to the billboard of T.J.