Poverty and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Essay

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Poverty Essay Poverty is one of the most devastating problems in America today. Poverty does not discriminate, you can see it affects people of every race and color. It does however affect children disproportionately. A majority of kids in America that attend public schools come from low-income families. At least 13 states in the south has kids from low-income that dominated the classroom in 2011. Before that about 10 years ago poor kids were the majority of the student population in public schools. Some of these kids that entered kindergarten have a wider range of vocabulary due to them having to grow up a little faster than most of their classmates because of the more responsibilities they have. There was a video talking about children from poor families. There was a small girl. It showed her collecting cans with a friend of hers that also came from a poor family so that their families could have could get a little more money, it wasn’t much but it was something. Her family had to move to different place. It was a lot smaller and her family had to live there. At first when they had gotten there they didn’t have a refrigerator, so for the time that they were there the family had to use their sink as a fridge, every morning they had to fill the sink with ice because it would melt at night. They didn’t stay for long. It’s also hard for them to enroll their kids into school because they keep moving around. They have been through a lot. There are some programs, like