Poverty: Black People and Poverty Stricken Essay

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Poverty Stricken the Answer is coming
American National Government POL 201
Kristie Gauthreaux
February 24, 2014
Instructor Tim Howard

Decades ago the rate of young black men in the workforce, ages 16-24, declined. The unemployment rate went up and it all seemed due to welfare liberalism. (Schwarz, J. E. (1990). Back in the 50s and 60s disincentives in the workplace cause many to slow in labor force, however, in the black race the numbers were higher compared to the white race. That is only to say that once the economic change came about, Welfare, things started to change in the workforce all together. Poverty was then recognized by income and not just by the work you did or the class you were in. The lower class could have had just as much work ethic and the upper class.
The definition or underlying measure of poverty is the calculation of the minimum cost it takes to feed a family an adequate meal. When that definition was put in place, poverty was born, it was the definition first, then the word. In today society, poverty has become a major area of concern across the board. The Federal government, the States, and local entities and people are concerned for the growth of poverty in the US. There have been crisis that increased the level of poverty here and the Federal government has acted accordingly.
The America Recovery and Reinvestment Act provide funds in order to control or eradicate poverty after disasters. There are many ways this acts takes part in helping the poverty in the US. “The