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Poverty Cause and Effect Poverty in America has grown throughout the decades since President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty. There are different views politically and socially on the American poverty that it then becomes a moral judgment. The U.S Census Bureau said that there is nearly forty-six and a half million people in poverty which is a record number because that’s nearly fifteen percent of American people in poverty. Poverty is defined as having the lack of freedom to do basic things that you value from Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. Who is the real blame for the poverty in American government or the people? The American Economy is not the blame for high poverty rate but personal behavior and parental guidance. Parental guidance plays a large role in a child’s life. A child’s life style seems to depreciate when it’s raised in a single parent home. The way to beat the poverty is the power of parenting as New York Times writers Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn say in The Way to Beat Poverty. The number has more than doubled in the past fifty years of single parent homes. In a research from Heritage Foundation that single-family homes are four times more likely to live in poverty and nearly half the children in poverty are likely to end up back in poverty. The New York Times writer Robert Pear in his article Number of Children Living in Poverty Drops Sharply, says the average income for a single family is thirty-five thousand one-hundred and fifty dollars compared to a married couple’s income is seventy-six thousand five hundred dollars. So when children are born in a married couple the chances of children living in poverty will decrease. There have also been many people with the right parental guidance but only live with a single parent. Richard Sherman is a professional football player that graduated from Stanford University. Richard Sherman grew up in what is known as one of the most dangerous places to live in America as stated by Forbes magazine. Sherman said he would’ve never made it if it were not for his father and the way he raised him during the ESPY Award ceremony. Howard Schultz grew up in the Brooklyn projects before discovering, and now leading, Starbucks. Ursula Burns grew up in a housing project on Manhattan's Lower East Side and now runs Xerox. These people grew up in single family homes and in poverty but have succeeded due to the right guidance from their parents. All of these successful people have said in business insider that it took hard work and the right push from their parents. Although it may be a very sensitive subject to say that the cause of poverty is because of parental guidance, it seems to play a large role in the next generation living in poverty. Many may blame the American economy because of the inequality and lack of help it gives to the poor. In some ways maybe true but only in the way big corporations outsource jobs for a cheaper rate. It’s almost like saying will you pay a worker that will do the same job for less or a worker that will do the same job for more. The furthermore we go into the future the more technology…