Poverty Is The Main Cause Of Crime In The UK

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Hypothesis and aims:
My hypothesis was to find out if poverty was the main cause of crime in the UK. My aims were to find out if young people commit more crime than adults, to find out if poverty is the main cause of crime and to find out why people commit crime.
Research methods:
I used a newspaper article and a questionnaire. In my questionnaire I asked 15 people 7 questions. I chose to do a questionnaire because I wanted to find out people’s opinions on crime in the UK. I used the internet to find a newspaper article which was relevant to my topic. I chose to do a newspaper article as it had quite a lot of information in it.
The strengths of doing a questionnaire are you can collect a range of information and you can set the questions you want to ask. The weaknesses of using a questionnaire are people might lie when they are answering the questions and it can also be very time consuming to collect all the information. Also people may refuse to answer the questions. I could improve this research method if I asked more questions to find out a lot more information and I could ask questions more relevant to my aims.
The strengths of using a newspaper article are you can find out lots of information about the topic it is on and the information in the article has been well researched. The sources used in articles are usually reliable. The research in my article was reliable as it had been researched by Cambridge University. The weaknesses of using a newspaper are the information is usually biased or exaggerated.
Research findings:
My questionnaire was better than my newspaper article as I had a range of