Poverty: Poverty and Societies Perception Essay

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Poverty Society has misinterpreted of what being poor is and that has an effect on people who are poor. In my opinion nobody realizes what poor is but the poor do. For example, anybody walking down the street could be living in poverty but there face or body language might not show it. Another example is that the general people think that being poor includes lack of money which leads to lack of clothing and a lack of supply. I personally think that being poor isn’t how you look or what your beliefs are but I think it’s being how much money you have. I also think that nobody can know how it feels to be poor unless you have been in a time of period in your life were you don’t get new clothing or have enough money for school or even to eat. Another misinterpretation is that the society thinks that somebody that is poor can like just change quickly and become not poor overnight. With poor people comes drugs, alcoholism and people just think that they can easily stop and use that money on other things that they need for themselves. Unfortunately people don’t realize that the drugs and or alcohol is helping them with their lives and not for them to get mad or stressed. So for them it wouldn’t be a overnight thing it would probably take years if they are committed to stop otherwise they would continue for the rest of their lives. In conclusion, societies perception isn’t always right about poor people and how that the life…