Essay on Poverty: Poverty in the United States and Difficult Issue

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Poverty in the United States
By Cedalia M. Tolar
Hello my name is Cedalia Tolar and today I am going to speak to you about poverty in the United States. I speak about this because I believe that not only is poverty the most pressing issue of our time, I also believe at the same time, that it is a problem that we have full capacity to tackle and overcome if only if we choose to do so. I consider myself to be an optimist when it comes to poverty in general. I feel this way because I believe very strongly that poverty is not really a difficult issue as we are often told it is. After all, poverty is about people. I have always believed that the solution to end poverty is truly based on the person who is experiencing it. Today I plan to go into strong detail about what poverty is doing to people in the United States so that you can full understand why someone can stand up and say I live in poverty. Everyone is born into this world already equipped not only to provide care for themselves , but also provided with the ability to help others in this around us. The question you would have to ask yourself would be, why is it that billions of people across the United States suffer through a lifetime of poverty and indignity, and why do they spend every waking moment looking for food for physical survival tactics to survive? The answer to this question can be found within themselves. Poverty wast created by poor people, rather it was created by the economic and social system