Poverty: United States and totally Different Level Essay

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Shawn Baldwin
Health & Wellness
Poverty in the U.S.A

In the United States more than 46 million Americans live in poverty. This means out of every seven people there is one person in poverty. However, there is a difference between being poor and being in poverty. Feeling poor in the United States is different from living in poverty in Russia or Zimbabwe. Being poor in the United States are just making it from day to day. You can have a job and have income coming in every two weeks and still can be label as “poor”. This may be due to choice of career, hard times, or other circumstances. They may or may not be able to pull out of their situation. However, they are as likely as those earning higher incomes to strive for the future, to hope for more. Majority every student that goes to school without a scholarships that is not financially stable is poor. Merely because students take out large loans for schools that we cannot afford.
On the other hand, living in poverty is on a totally different level. Poverty varies considerably depending on the situation. Poverty is about not having enough money to meet basic needs including food, clothing and shelter. However, poverty is much more than just not having enough money. Living in poverty includes a survivalist attitude. Living by any means doing whatever it takes just to survive until the day. United States is one country that will never have a problem with going in poverty. In order for a country to