Poverty: Wealth and Poverty Stricken Individuals Essay

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This paper responds to a full-length documentary; it carries a heavier weight than other response papers in this course. In a minimum of four full pages, up to six full pages, describe the contents of this video and relate the stories that are depicted to ideas that are presented in the chapter on social inequality in the U.S. After connecting the film to text content, you may include your personal reflection on the issue (such as similar accounts you may have heard from friends or family) and your personal beliefs on poverty; however, the primary purpose of this paper is to develop an understanding of the source of poverty and the real-life consequences of social policy in the U.S. .What does this video say to you about poverty stricken individuals in our society? Does this video challenge any of your assumptions about people who live in poverty, and if so, how? If it does not, in what ways do you think it might challenge some of society's stereotypes?

Poverty affects every race, gender, and social group that one may be involved in. Poverty is something you can find in any area of the country. Not far from a very wealthy area you can find an area where everyone is suffering from poverty. After reading the chapter on Social Class in the United States and watching the video Poverty and the ”Line” I was able to get a better understanding on exactly what poverty is. Poverty is not only in poor neighborhoods most of it is right in our faces. Neighbors, coworkers, and family members who go to work every day and make things look good to the outside are suffering from poverty. Until watching the video Poverty and the “Line” I didn’t realize that I myself am living in poverty. After reading Chapter 8 I was shocked that most citizens in the wealthiest country in the world are not far from the lines of poverty. Reading the story of John Castel really put the rich in perspective for me. Mr. Castel quoted “I don’t want to know what anything costs. When you’ve got enough money, price doesn’t make a difference. That’s part of the freedom of being rich.” This amazed me as most Americans have to know what things cost or there will be no money left for the bills or food. The average American family makes about $56,000 a year that is just a drop in the bucket to Mr. Castel’s $100 Million dollars. Personally, I do agree that the way you grew up and your family has a lot to do with the way you turn out as an adult. I also know that your choices can affect the way that you turn out as well. With the governments help furthering your education is offered to pretty much anyone that wants it, whether you take it or not is your choice. With a wealthy family it does make it easier on you as you will not have to worry about the massive debt that comes with education. Education is the key to making the money that you need to survive and make a better life for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, I am only the second person in my family who has attended college. I can only hope that my children will follow in my footsteps to pave the way for our family to get out of the middle class poverty that we have been stuck in for generations. The video shed light on poverty stricken individuals in our society because the people in the video all came from different walks of life but all seemed to have some life changing event happen to them to cause them to be forced into poverty. The story that struck me the most was the story of John whose wife divorced him after he lost his job. His story touched me the most due to the fact that he is a single dad and I am a single mom myself. Going from having everything you need and want to having to get food from the pantry is the reality of our country. You never think when you are on the top that somehow you will be rushed down to the bottom as John was. I know how hard it can be raising children and I know that I personally take a lot for granted such as my job. After watching