Power And Corruption In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Power and corruption has a very strong relationship and has been a classic theme for literary pieces. It is said that “power corrupts”, this theme and idea can be seen throughout history. In George Orwell’s’ novel Animal farm in 1945, the idea that power corrupts is implemented in the intuitive, corrupt, respected and one of the high ranked boars amongst the farm, Napoleon. Napoleon along with Snowball are the two most trusted boars after their former leader the, most knowledgeable, wisest and the price boar, Old major passed away, became the new leaders of the farm. Napoleon becomes corrupt and only gets worse as time goes by. Likewise, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, film adaptation in 2015 by Justin Kurzel creates a character which is one of the most trusted soldiers by the king, Macbeth struggles to hold and lead his house and in the end being even more corrupt then where he started. This essay will compare and contrast how …show more content…
In animal farm the setting is very different to Macbeth, animal farm is set in a farm in England. The story only takes place in the farm, this small setting allows the author to use juxtaposition to what it was before than what it was now (after Napoleon changed everything). Macbeth is set in the medieval times in Scotland where large scale wars, castles existed. Macbeth is viewed as third person objective, which means that the narrator never tells of character feelings, evoking suspense and mystery to the audience. However, in Animal farm the point of view given to the readers are third person omniscient, meaning that the narrator can show everything: all of characters’ emotions, location and etc. By doing so giving a wide character feel and more detail given to the readers. This point of view is enhanced by language techniques. Orwell often uses imagery to add more information about the character’s surroundings and