Essay on Power Check of the Government

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The forefathers created the United States Constitution in hopes that it would lead our country better than England, they did this by making different branches of government to help balance out power and not letting one shadow the other with its duties or final word, and give a chance for repreive in case of something debated. The three branches they created were the legislative, executive, and judicial, each with their own specific duties and jobs while balancing out with the other branches. The legislative branch has the power to create laws, aside from their power to make laws they have the option of over riding a presidential vetoe, but only if they achieve a two-thirds vote to debate the vetoe. They also may remove the president through the power of impeachment, a vary important power and has been useful in the past when a president has over stepped his boundries. The Senate, a house of legislative branch, can approve treaties as well as presidential appointments, and lastly they check the judicial branch, by creating lower courts, having the power to remove any judge through the impeachment process, and also approving appointments of the judge. In my own opinion I would say the legislative branch is the more important of the branches because of the heavy weighted decisions that they are capable of.

Moving on to the next branch, the Executive Branch, who has the duty of making sure laws are carried out. They have the different powers such as vetoeing a bill passed from the legislative branch, they can call a special session of congress when needed, and an odd duty they are appointed or at least I think is they can appeal to the people concerning legislation. The executive branch is watched by the legislative branch as…