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Powers’ Corruption Essay

The statement ‘Power Corrupts’, is plain and bold. However, the more power given to a certain authority, the more chance of such power corrupting. The leader that wields such power will conjure up their own ambitions, and not take others into account, stating that the leader will corrupt the power. The process of power corrupting is shown through the novella ‘Animal Farm’. It depicts that greed is not fixed, nor that the power corrupts the person. As the power develops, the more the leader focuses on egocentric needs. It is the person that expresses the power.

Greed is not fixed nor limited when an individual had access to absolute power. It may have not have been in the conduct of such a being to let ambitions of greed loose, but in reality, such an item does occur. ‘Animal Farm’, suggests powers corruption in the further steps of the Character, Napoleon. The boar, Napoleon, rises to the role of the farms leader early in the book, and seems efficient as taking equality into account. However, it was clear to think, in a certain situation, that the one in charge is completely dominant over others. Napoleons mind was poisoned with greed, corrupting his power while taking advantage of it. He frees himself with unlimited rations and comforts, but enslaves the animals with labour and food limits. Such greed develops as consequences are nought and careless needs are accomplished without reaching the voice of the people. Corrupting power is first staged in the acknowledgement of reachable power. When one is dominant, it is a matter of time when such power is corrupted

If absolute power is given, it will be corrupted. However, it is not the power that corrupts the wielder; it is the wielder that corrupts the power. In ‘Animal Farm’, Napoleon has near-absolute power at the beginning and uses it in an appropriate manor for beneficial reasons. Yet, at the end, such power is corrupted. It shows individuals abuse the authority that was associated with their former positions, taking certain thrives with their ambitions to create personal gain. Simply using the advantage of power