Power Has The Ability To Change Anyone Essay

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Power has the ability to change anyone

Yusr Al-khdhairi
Ms. Maynard
March 3rd, 2015

Any person who gains power has the capability to abuse it for his own good to become even more powerful. It takes a special person to fight off his greedy thoughts and do what is good for the people who rely on him. In the book, Animal Farm, by George Orwell the close knitted group of pigs started to manipulate the less intelligent group of animals, which led the idea of animalism to change and as an opportunity for pigs to take control of “Manor” farm and gain more power.

The pigs were the smartest among all the animals, which allowed them to lie and manipulate others for their own good. The reason behind the rebellion, which created Animal farm, was that Mr. Jones was too demanding and did not treat them right. “ All animals are equal”
(15). The 7th commandment was the most important one because the idea of Animalism was that all animals should work according to their capability to benefit the farm as a whole. After Animal Farm was formed, the milk and apples went missing, but it was later found that the pigs were stealing them.
“ Our sole object in taking these is to preserve our health. Milk and Apples contain substances absolutely necessary for he well being of a pig. We pigs are the brainworkers. The whole management and organization of this farm is on us” (23).
This was one of the first steps that extinguished pigs apart from the rest of the animals, because they were allowed some benefits that no one had access to it. Therefore, the pigs lied to all the animals to gain more power and become superior, but Napoleon was more power hungry than the rest.

Once, Napoleon also known as father of all animals gained his high position, he began manipulating the animals for the benefit and needs of the pigs. At the beginning, the pigs created a document called the seven commandments of Animal farm that included the basic principles of Animalism and acted as a guide for the animals to live by. “No animal shall drink alcohol”(15). This commandment is one of the most important ones, because the rebellion itself was created due to the way Mr. Jones treated the animals while he was drunk. The 5th commandment was altered due to Napoleons selfishness when he got really drunk with the other pigs, after winning the battle of the Windmill. “ Actually the commandment read: ‘No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.’ ”(73). Since Napoleon and the other animals broke the 5th commandment, they decide to modify it to avoid any suspicion between the animals regarding the pigs being superior and breaking the rules. Overall, Napoleon started refining the 7 commandments to gain more power slowly with the help of his fellow pigs, especially Squealer that led to the idea of Animalism to change.

Squealer was Napoleons closest helper, who manipulated and confused the animals into thinking that the principles of Animalism aren’t changing. Over the months, many animals despised the way Animal farm was being monitored and plotted a plan to kill Napoleon even though it is breaking one of the 7 commandments. “ No animal