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Trash Talk
When it comes to sports there are a lot of factors that affect the outcome of the game. I play football and basketball so those are really the only sports i know what goes in not all sports are the same such as golf and tennis aren't going to be the as intense as football. The physical talents of the players of course play a big roll, how fast you can run, how high you can jump, and how much weight you can lift. The way a team is coached also is very important being disciplined or just doing whatever you want, what offensive or defensive they run all come in effect. But the biggest aspect of sports is the mental part of the game how someone reacts to pressure, how you play when you're tired, or how you reacted to or dish out ‘’trash talk.’’ We often underestimate how much language comes into play in sports and how huge of an effect it can have. I remember football season like it was yesterday. From the scorching hot two-a-days in the summer too the freezing cold friday night games in november. But it didn't matter the time or the weather, one thing was always constant and that was that coach was yelling at someone. “Come on Shephard you worthless piece of crap one more set”! “God damnit can't you do anything right”! Language like this was constantly in effect throughout my whole football career and nobody was left out. You might think wow that mean, a coach should not talk to kids like that. But it really is necessary if coaches don't use strong, loud, and hurtful language in practice then the players won't mentally be ready for it in a game because trust me that other team will not take it easy. They will do anything to get into your head and make you not focus. As much as people have tried to eliminate trash talk from sports it will always still be apart of the game and a part of life. If you think about it words really have no power i mean there just sounds that come out of our mouths. Us as humans have given language all its power, how we mentally interpret and react to it. This is why being surround by aggressive foul language in sports can help you prepare for real life. A coach’es job is to train an athletic to do there