Power Of Words In The Book Thief, By Markus Zusak

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Connections Essay
The way humans behave, the way humans speak, act and even human’s personal values and beliefs. The power of words can shape society as a whole. The power of words can impact people’s lives by inspiring, in both positive and negative ways. They can comfort, relieve, oppress, conspire and tear people apart. This essay will explore the theme ‘The power of words’ across four texts: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, The Reader by Bernhard Schlink, Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream speech and Eminem’s rap Words are Weapons. The four texts all show different ways in which the ‘Power of Words’ are used for good and bad purposes.

Martin Luther King Jr’s speech I have a dream was delivered in 1963 as a call to end racism in the United States of America. It was considered a defining moment of the American Civil Rights movement and is still significant and highly referred to today. The use of words and language features that King displayed in the speech were powerful enough to be a pivotal moment in American history and is a sound example of how words are used to do good. This persuasive speech was considered to be so successful from the components of tone, allusion, refrain, repetition and theme. The pure emotion of King’s delivery in terms of voice and body
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Many people at the time thought that his words were used for the power of good, yet the majority of modern beliefs now realise that the values he invested into other minds were evil. Hitler used words to spread his ideas of the perfect race and it shows how power can be a dangerous thing. We can see this now as education is regularly taught in school regarding Hitler’s rise to power and authority and the pain and suffering he brought upon this world. It also shows how words can have drastic consequences so we must learn to choose our words