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Charissa Davis
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Power Paper

Power is a significant thing to have, it can empower you to do good things in the world, or it can overcome you to take advantage of others. Power can be seen in all of our lives in some form or another, the people we choose to have power over our lives tells a lot about the person we are. Also the way we choose to use our own power over others has a significant effect on our lives and the lives of the people around us. There are situations where we need power over our life, power with, and power for. It is our job as people, and also as professionals to detect when it is appropriate to use each type of power in different situations. Every person could need a different kind of power, depending on what they are in need of and the relationship we have with them.
In the helping profession you will have many situations where you have power over, power for, and power with people. In many cases the relationship I plan on having is power for and power with, although as I want to be a teacher I will also have power over simply because I will be in a role as teacher, authority over them. In the movie Good Will Hunting the people that have power over Will are the people that are forcing him to do things. The police that arrest him for being involved in a fight have power over him because of their position of power; the judge that decrees he undergo therapy sessions is exercising his power over him by laying his judgment on him. Professor Gerald Lambeau has power over Will because Will is put into his care and has the authority to send him to jail if Will does not do what he wants. Having power over someone is not a bad thing in all situations, Lambeau may have power over Will, but overall he wants what is best for him; he wants him to succeed. As a teacher I will sometimes have power over children because of my role, but my power is backed by positive enforcement and an eagerness to learn. Children are subjected to power over relationships merely because of their age, something they cannot control. As Lambeau interacts with Will when he is trying to find him suitable therapists he is trying to put Will’s best interest first, while still exhibiting power over because of his role of having to monitor Will. I will also have power over the parents of the children in my classroom, because parents automatically feel like they are being put on the spot when addressing issues children have in classrooms I will use my power over to help educate the parents about their children’s behavior. Using my power for will be beneficial as long as I use my power for encouragement, and not to put anyone down.
Power for is when the other person is using their power completely for the other person. In the movie Will’s friend Chuckie Sullivan has power for Will. He exhibits at many times that he is for Will, he wants him to succeed. He is even for Will when it is not necessarily a good idea, when Will starts a fight with another group of men Chuckie joins him with no hesitation, backing up Will. In a positive way, Chuckie pushes for Will to do great things in his life, he tells him that he wishes he would pick him up one day and he wouldn’t be there, because he wishes Will were out reaching his full potential somewhere else. I see this as power for because Chuckie probably really wants Will to stay in South Boston with him because he is one of his best friends, but he knows how brilliant Will is and pushes him to get out and achieve great things – power for. In the helping profession whether it be social work, education, or some other kind of profession our biggest priority is providing power for as we work with people. In education you are pushing your students because you are empowering them to achieve great things in their life, and to learn all they can. Encouraging their development, you are giving power for them. In social work you could be providing services for needy families, or helping families get onto their