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Mrs. Housepian
English 2H; Period ____
____ June 2015 Pointers:
● read “Part 2” of the assignment for hints on how the paragraph should be structured
● digital versions of all texts should be able to be found in our “English 2H Toolbox” folders. Notify House if you are unable to find one. (Animal Farm is a link on the S tudent Guide’s r esources) ● Print your paragraph out prior to tomorrow’s class
. You don’t all want to be wasting time in class tomorrow. The FEW of you who still need to print out may do so in class tomorrow in the library. On
Friday, you’ll have access to butcher paper (unless you have a poster board), markers, construction paper, etc.
● Each of you should find/create a few visuals for your paragraph to contribute to the poster. Visual representations should be those of the text itself and of your argument. Once you are done typing your paragraph today, search for visuals a nd right click and paste into the end of this document to print out later today/tomorrow.
● TS ­ identify use of power, source, effect (effect is S/M/Ma)

My paragraph:
Having an abundance of power causes leaders to make unethical decisions that result in negatively influencing others. One of the most powerful and influential leaders of the Shakespearean tragedy,
, was Lady
Macbeth, who held the capability to initiate Macbeth’s whole reign of tyranny. At the start of the play,
Macbeth had left his prophecy to fate to fulfill but Lady Macbeth had other plans. “Hie thee hither,/That I may pour my spirits in thine ear /And chastise with the valor of my tongue /All that impedes thee from the golden round,...” (I.v.14­17) were the words of Lady Macbeth to Macbeth, summoning him home so she would be able to tell him of her wicked plans that would let him to secure the crown earlier than fate would allow. Lady
Macbeth proves to be the most power hungry character, and because of these ambitions she permitted herself to do evil and