Powered Industrial Trucks Policy Acknowledgement 2015 2 Essay

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MARCH 2015


MARCH 2015



Powered Industrial Trucks Policy

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To provide safe practices for the operation, maintenance and inspection of Powered Industrial Trucks.

This program applies to all AFW Powered Industrial Truck Operators, Truck Maintenance,
Management/Lead, and outside Contractors.
Managers and Leads
Truck Maintenance
All Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Operators (see Appendix E)

1.1 Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)
1.1.1 Establish, maintain, and update the program.
1.1.2 Coordinate forklift training and certification.
1.1.3 Maintain training documentations.
1.2 Truck Maintenance
1.2.1 Service and/or repair equipment in a timely manner.
1.2.2 Contact outside vendor for repair as needed.
1.2.3 Ensure equipment is not put back in service until necessary repairs have been made and is in safe operating condition.
1.2.4 Ensure lockout/tagout (LOTO) stays on defective equipment until it is in safe operating condition.
1.2.5 Signs all VIR’s for completeness and service records.
1.2.6 Maintain maintenance records for each PIT (Powered Industrial Truck). Records shall be kept for the life of the equipment.
1.3 Managers and Leads
1.3.1 Implement and administer this program as it applies to the department.
1.3.2 Ensure employees in the department follow all rules and procedures pertaining to this program.
1.3.3 Do not allow anyone to operate the equipment without proper training and a current certification card.
1.3.4 Do not authorize non-AFW employees to operate AFW powered industrial trucks
(contractors, vendors, etc...).


Powered Industrial Trucks Policy

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Maintain PIT Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) (see Appendix C). VIR should be kept for at least 90 days or until noted issues have been corrected.
1.3.6 Submit Work Request for servicing and repair via service ticket located on
TIGER home page under Help Desk.
1.3.7 Do not allow anyone to operate malfunctioning equipment. If there is a condition affecting the equipment’s safety or operation, document on VIR and ensure an out-of service tag is placed on the equipment’s steering wheel (refer to LOTO policy). 1.3.8 Report all forklift incidents/accidents to EHS immediately.
1.3.9 Appoint qualified Safety Coach who has the skill, knowledge and training from
EHS department to facilitate on the job training.
1.3.10 Understands how to fill out Lift Truck/Equipment Evaluation Trainee
Documentation form.
1.3.11 Ensure all training paperwork is complete and turned into the EHS department.
1.4 Employees
1.4.1 Do not operate the PIT without proper training and a current certification from
1.4.2 Perform pre-operation Vehicle Inspection Report prior to operation and turn in
VIR (Vehicle Inspection Report) to designated location. Do not operate equipment with an out-of-service tag or remove an out-of-service tag (refer to
LOTO policy).
1.4.3 Report any deficiencies or issues with the equipment immediately to the appropriate personnel for repair/servicing. Do not tamper with the equipment.
1.4.4 Do not use malfunctioning equipment.
1.4.5 Maintain good housekeeping and do not abuse the equipment.
1.4.6 Comply with department instructions and procedures for checking equipment in/out. 1.4.7 Follow all rules and procedures pertaining to this program.
1.4.8 Report all PIT incidents/accidents to a Supervisor immediately.
1.4.9 Ability to operate PIT safely and according to training.
1.5 Safety Coaches
1.5.1 Must be trained by the EHS department.
1.5.2 Will be certified on all equipment within facility before becoming a Safety
1.5.3 Understands how to properly evaluate employees and fill out Powered Industrial
Trucks /Equipment Evaluation Form (see Appendix A).
1.5.4 Follows and enforces Powered Industrial Trucks rules and regulations.