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Lesson 2 – Power Point

Slide Show
Electronic presentation consisting of multiple pages with pictures and information.
Holds the purpose of being a visual aid.

Page that contains information
Single component in a slideshow itself
Design Template
Premade pattern that can be used for a slide
Theme that continues throughout the whole slideshow
Slide Layout
How a slide is formatted
Provides placeholders for text, images, charts, ect.

A bullet is used when creating a list to show graphics or a character
Could be made of different character keys and graphics
Clip Art
Clip art is provided through the Powerpoint
Options are more limited in clip art and not against copyright law.
Slide Transition
How you move from one slide to another
Effect on how a slide exits or how it comes in on the next slide

Animation Scheme
When you apply an animation to an object
Different from transitions of slides
Advancing of Slides
Have the slide move on its own by either clicking on the slide, or having it on a time where a timer transitions through the slides.


Design tab ribbon/ slides group
Home tab ribbon/layout
Home tab ribbon/slides group
Right click, then layout
New Slide
Home tab ribbon, Layout
Right clicking in the slides pane then New Slide
Bullet Levels
Home tab ribbon/ paragraph group
Right click, bullets
Insert a Picture
Insert tab ribbon/ images group
Copy image, right click, then paste
Slide Transition
Transitions tab ribbon/transitions to the slide group
Right clicking on slideshow preview then choosing specific transitions
Advance Slide
Animation/ Advanced animation
Animation tab
Play Slide Show
Slideshow/ Start slide show
In Quick access…