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• What is the difference of indentured Servitude compared to slavery of Africans? Did it help the economy or bring it further into debt?

• Indentured slavery was a façade to help government remain control of finances. Those being indentured servants were blind because of the idea of ‘paying off’ a debt but only putting themselves in more restrictions. • Choice • Costs • Benefits

• Labor performed by indentured servants and becoming one was a easy way for immigrants to travel to what they believed to be a better chance. A quick benefit for the immigrants or citizens in debt and later taken exploited by slave masters.

Point of support 1
• Indentured slavery consisted of more of the people already living in the country. Free Will.

Subpoint 1-1
• Who were the indentured slaves?

Subpoint 1-2
• What was promised to them?

Point of Support 2
• Enslaving of Africans was expensive in traveling there and back, but requirement no false promises to those enslaved.

Subpoint 2- 1
• Gained more control over society no longer having to live up to those promises if indentured slaves made it through the term

Subpoint 2-2
• More benefits with slaving of Africans

Slavery was not a market help – in the sense a thought out plan to financially ‘benefit’ all parties in involved.

• Benefits of indentured slaves
• Viewed as a way to pay of debt

• Benefits of slave masters & exploitations
• Created laws of restrictions that can cause their hold on people to be longer.

• Though both forms of ‘slavery’ were still moral wrong. Indentured servitude provided a benefit to society’s market. However, once they saw the outcome of slaves living passed their terms they figured out ways of exploited