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Chapter 6
marketing research

Learning objectives
After studying this chapter you should be able to:
•Understand how to formulate a high-quality research problem definition •Work with secondary international marketing research
•Identify the need for primary international marketing research
•Perform a market size assessment
•Use new market information technologies
•Understand the issues involved in managing international marketing research

International marketing research
• International marketing research is the ‘systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis and dissemination of information for the purpose of improving decision-making related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing (Czinkota et al., 2011, p. 234)
• Wide-ranging
– New market opportunities
– Research into industry/market/product category
– International buyer behavior research
– Segmentation studies
– Four P’s

• He is wise who knows the sources of knowledge
- who knows who has written and where it is to be found (A. A. Hodge)
• There is a six step approach to international marketing • Follows a similar pattern to domestic market research – but the international context gives rise to six problems specific to international marketing research

The international marketing research process Figure 6.1

• Language
• Unavailability of certain segments of population (interviewing women in Saudi Arabia)
• Not all societies encourage frank, open exchanges; certain topics may be taboo
• Social desirability/ willingness to “stand out” ---> need to adjust data; disagreement may be seen as impolite - unwilling to criticize products
• Low levels of literacy - prevent use of written material
• Differences in values and attitudes

Example of a survey –
The Durex “Sexual Wellbeing” Survey

Would cultural factors hamper data collection?


Research problem formulation
• Start with a precise definition of the research problem
• The foundation of a good market research study
• Difficulties arise due to lack of familiarity of the foreign environment • Self-reference criterion: an unconscious reference to one’ own cultural values, experiences and knowledge as a basis for decisions (Lee, 1966)
• The research problem may be incorrectly defined and data may be misinterpreted

Nielsen’s China Omnibus Survey
Figure 6.2

Omnibus surveys are useful for preliminary research and help researchers formulate the research problem
What are their advantages and drawbacks?

Secondary marketing research
Definition - Data that have already been collected for some other purpose
• A range of sources includes:
– the internet
• E.g,
• EU body providing information on China to EU members
– government sources
• e.g. Austrade or Department of Foreign
Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
– corporate
• directories of organisations, both online and offline, such as Dun &
Bradstreet or Europe’s 15,000 largest companies

Resources for Secondary Data


Secondary data - UNESCO aspx?ReportId=121&IF_Language=eng&BR_Country=1560

Secondary data sources
• One source of secondary data is the World Bank
• Video URL: • Concept: The World Bank talks about the Doing
Business 2012 report.
• Information about the World Competiveness Index:

What are drawbacks of using secondary sources of data?

Secondary Global Marketing
• Problems with Secondary Data Research:
– Accuracy of Data
– Age of data
– Reliability over Time
– Comparability of Data
• Triangulate
• Hindered by lack of ‘equivalence’
– Lumping of Data
• i.e., broad definition of ‘ready meals’ in export stats

‘Reliability’ versus…