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Peebles Stores

Peebles Stores is the nation’s largest broad line closeout retailer with annual sales over $5 billion and more than 1,500 stores nationwide. In 2011, all of the stores changed their names to Goody’s. The company has more than 60,000 employees. Since 2000, the company’s annual sales have increased. There has been 200 new jewelry departments and 94 new stores opened. The company has stores in all fifty states. The distributions centers for Goody’s are in Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Transportation Purchasing at Peebles Stores
The core carriers for the distribution centers for Peebles Stores are UPS, BNSF, CSX, NS, and KCS rail lines along with stack train operators such as Mitsui, Pacer, and K-line. Railroad track, ramps, and trains are utilized by the stack train operators. G.J. Butts and Wagner are the core trucking companies. The core drayage carriers are Total Expressway, BGG, US at Drayage, Golden Age, and Pear Express. Last, the core steamship carriers are Brigade Bridgeman, Sierra Lines, Kersey Bridge, SRX Lines, Lloyd Seas, Muskogee Seal, and Ship guard.
The following is a list of the Peebles Stores carrier selection criteria. This information is all in accordance with the executive in charge of purchasing transportation services. * Prequalification of the carrier * Service (transit and schedule) * Capacity (equipment and power availability) * Rate (price plus accessories) * Relationship (integrity, trust, and problems resolution process)
The Peebles Stores Pricing Process
At Peebles Stores, both electronic and conventional competitive systems are exploited. Electronic bidding is conducted via the Internet. The manual bids are conducted via