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Public Relations Plan

Tara Anderson, JaMeyla Barclay, Daniel Cintron,
Sherie Ralston, Alicia Ridgell, Clarissa Wallace



Dan Cathy comment regarding gay and lesbian marriage, protesting about the sanctity of marriage.
”We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.” 

Funding anti-gay groups

Sales declining

Diversity Training

“Satisfied customers mean fewer complaints, good word of mouth, and , most importantly, repeat business”

Achieving Cultural
There are two keys to achieving cultural competency: 1. Attitude
2. Knowledge

Ask yourself:

What kind of attitude do you have other cultures?

Does it differ from culture to culture?



Learn about the common patterns of the population you serve, keep in mind that tremendous variations exist both within the group and among individuals.

Chick-fil-A Goals
“At Chick-fil-A, we are focused on providing greattasting food and genuine hospitality to everyone” Issue Management Process
Identifies issues with which the organization must be concerned,
 Analyzes and delimits each issue with respect to its impact on constituent publics,
 Displays the various strategic options available to the organization,
 Implements an action program to communicate the organization’s views and to influence perception on the issue, and
 Evaluates its program in terms of reaching organizational goals

Public Relations Plan


Different channels of communications include: newspapers, radio or television and even letters
Solutions with technology include: web-based solutions and social media


Responsible for speaking on behalf of the organization 

Verifies all information being said with the leadership of the organization and the PR team for approval Different Types
Blogs will allow for frequent and specific content to be shared.
 Press Releases will provide current information on the situation and will most likely be in the form of a written release
://www.chick-fil-a.com/Pressroom/Press-Releases/w ho-weare) 

Different Types cont.

Social Media includes Facebook, Twitter, and

Additional links refer to other sites that provide positive information about Chik-fil-A, to include some of the places Chick-fil-A is supporting

Project Cost

Evaluate audience, message, channel of communication and tasks

Ways to communicate the message