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Kristi gave me your email address to ask some questions about Puerto Rico for our honeymoon. I guess I am just looking to confirm the hotels that I was looking at (I am basically using the points that I have been accumulating to book nights) and then get any ideas you would have for things we should see or do while we are there.
The first questions is whether or not it would be worthwhile to take a trip over to Vieques (YES!!!!). There is a new Westin resort out there and I was thinking to surprise Kristi with a trip out there for 2 nights (I wouldn't tell her beforehand). Have you been out there, or know anything about it? I wanted to know if we would need 2 nights over there or if 1 night was enough. Also, I was curious about the ferry and what that is like to take (as opposed to flying over to the island).
I personally have never been to Vieques but have heard amazing things and have always wanted to go! The ferry should be fine, it will probably take a couple hours (my guess). Definitely recommend staying at least one night. Maybe I would catch the ferry and go early one day, stay one night, then spend the second day there catching the ferry back on the second day. This way you get 2 days to enjoy the island, and spend a night in a nice place. Depends on how nice the hotel is :-p

Here was the tentative itinerary:

Mon Sep 27 to Wed Sep 29

* Stay downtown San Juan (probably 1 night at Renaissance La Concha and 1 night at Sheraton Old San Juan).
Old San Juan is nice to visit, a couple days there is plenty. Im not too familiar with the hotspots but here are definitely recommended places to go: -El Morro fort (downtown San Juan). -Bacardi Factory (in Catano), this is about 15-20mins driving from an Juan, or there is also a small Ferry (75 cents) that leaves from downtown San Juan and takes you to Catano, from there is a 4min drive. -Condado: is an area/town next to san juan, nice beaches, GREAT Marriott Hotel and Casino! Maybe even spend a night there!

Wed Sep 29 to Fri Oct 1

* Stay 2 nights at Four Points Sheraton at Palmas del Mar resort on the southeast coast (golf, beaches, etc) Im not as familiar with the southeast side of the island but I know the Luquillo beaches are amazing! You can also go horseback riding on the beach in that area.

Fri Oct 1 to Sun Oct 3

* Stay 2 nights at W resort on Vieques (I was thinking to take the ferry, but would be open to flying if the ferry wasn't recommended)


* Stay 1 night on Vieques and go back downtown on Saturday night - Do you know if San Juan is better to be during the week or weekends? We were possibly looking to stay downtown on Saturday night (the day before we leave on the cruise), but I was thinking an extra night on Vieques might make more sense. San Juan on the weekends is definitely better. They usually have lots of vendors on the streets (artisians, jewelry, food, homemade artifacts, music, etc.). Fun atmosphere that happens during the day.

This will keep us on the east side of the country for the whole trip, so was wondering if you think we should try to get to the other side of the island at all? There is a hotel out in Aguadilla, but it doesn't look nearly as nice as the others. However, if there is some can't miss stuff on that side of the country I would love to hear about it. -On that side of the island you may want to look into Villa Confresi. This is a hotel on the waterfront facing the west. There is a patio/bar outside right on beach that overlooks the sunset, popular vacation spot on that side of the island. -Rincon in general is a nice area (lighthouse, beaches). -In aguadilla my favorite beach is Playa Crashboat. Its awesome! They have small food vendors there, great palm trees, a dock that you can jump off of, can take a walk along the bottom of the cliffs that face the ocean and if you have any…