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Target public analysis
You've got a lot of good ino in the target publics section, but not all of it has sources. Reference correctly! But you've also got two targets. Better to focus on one of those age groups. And good to use a subhead when you start analysing the influencers ['secondary publics'].
Glossy Box solves problems for women who enjoy using the best products but do not have the time and money to test all the products out there. They are self-proclaimed beauty experts, who have profound knowledge in beauty products and like to share their expert opinions. This meant that they are constantly on the market exploring the latest beauty products, purchasing the niche products, and discovering the Holy Grail product that would eventually solve their problems. They are responsive and savvy about the products they purchase. In other words, they are early adopters, (Mazzulo, 2012)
The primary target audience for the campaign is potential customers. This audience is of female genders and fall into the age group of 16 and 35. The target audience is determined by the press release “Glossy Box reveals why women really wear makeup”. The survey reveals that majority of Glossy Box’s customers said that they started wearing makeup between the ages of 13 and 14, 56% felt that 15 to 16 should be the appropriate age for girls to start experimenting with makeup. (Glossy Box, 2014)
Glossy Box targets women who are still learning all the secrets of beauty and fashion, who are easily influenced by the media and peers. They are price sensitive and have looked to cut spending of discretionary purchases in beauty and personal care products. They spend a lot of time on the internet and are actively engage with the social media sites. They like to gather with a group of friends and seek peers approval (Euromonitor, 2011). They favour indoor lifestyle and are keen readers of blogs (Mywomenstuff, 2012) Psychographics
The target audiences are thought to be keen readers of blogs based on the fact that the subscription box businesses rely heavily on the goodwill of blogs (Psmag, 2014). According to the blog readers on, when asked why they read beauty blogs, the comments revealed by the readers are thought to resemble the psychographics value of the target audience. The target audience has the psychographic variables of expressing keen interest in beauty and fashion. They are ambitious and aspiring to be successful. They like to watch and own beautiful things. They are trendy and consider themselves as beauty junkies. They are money savvy; they seek opinions of the bloggers on good products and only purchase what is needed instead of what is wanted. (Mywomenstuff, 2012) They will be targeted in the expectation of communicating that Glossy Box is a trusted brand that offers products that are value for money.
Secondary Publics
The major secondary audience is the beauty and lifestyle bloggers and beauty gurus on Youtube. “A report by Pixabiltiy earlier in 2014 found that YouTube’s top 25 beauty bloggers possess 115 more subscribers and receive 2600 per cent more comments on average than beauty brand channels” (The Drum, 2014). Undeniably it seems to guarantee a potential ROI for a brand.
Another secondary audience is the media:
Women and fashion magazines.
Digital newspapers
Social media sites
Social media plays a large role in influencing consumer behaviour; the DemandGen Report survey highlights that 37% of buyers said they spent more time using social media to research solutions than in previous years whilst 57% of buyers said that they browsed existing social media discussions to learn more about a