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BUILDING A SOCIAL GROUP A social group is a number of women that want to have fun in there spare time. Women that want to do different things in there community, and building a sisterly bond. When I was first introduced to the social club environment was in 2012. I was told we needed strong women that had extra time and wanted to give back into the community. What would be done was, feeding the homeless, doing charity events, and toy drives. First we would have to get a team together. What I had to do as part of building the social group was network and come up with a missions statement. My title that was given to me was a secretary, with this title I had to hold meetings and introduce the club information and functions that would take place, for example I had to type up information about the club by making sure I had a motto first. Then I had to come up with ten rules and guidelines for the ladies. I researched my information from the internet and also from IRS guidelines. I had to find out what I needed to make sure that the club could stand in good terms as well as be able to hold charity events and club functions. I then would make sure that I gave out good information for women to come out and see if they would like to join the group by, posting on network media or giving out fliers. I would then hold small fun parties and introduce the club to other women. I would give the ladies a stand up introduction of myself and the women in the team with me that was helping me build the group. I gave information about the club and what we would be doing in the club, the rules of the club and the guidelines. When I would get the ladies that felt like this would be something that they would be interested in doing, I would present them with a folder. In the folder would have the motto first. Motto is what we stand for and what we will be doing in this group, along with that would be the reason for joining the group and how its ran. I would also have in the folder a sign up sheet that would have people to give there information and three basic questions as of why you decided to join the group, what do you think you can bring to the table of this group and what are your interest's and hobbies. Now this would be an on going thing within several meetings or months due to some people leave for many different reasons and don't realize what happens in time with there own personal
life. Many groups have a turn over rate of 15-20% per year. 5% percent of the members run the club and show up for almost every event. 15% of the members regularly participate, another 20% occasionally participate and