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Not receiving our driver’s license until we have our high school degree is not fair. For most people that would be when they are seventeen or eighteen years old. For others that drop out of school they would never get their drivers license. Receiving your driver’s license at the age of 16 is better for students to get where they need to without the help with their parents or guardians. I think you should not pass this bill for not getting our driver’s license until we get our high school degree because it takes away from teenageer’s independent freedom, parents do not always have time to drive their kids everywhere, and teens are excited to get their driver’s license. My first reason you should not pass the bill is it takes away from our independent freedom. All most teenagers want is to be independent. We do not want our parents to hold our hands and drive us everywhere now. We want some freedom. Having our driver license will allow us to have some freedom from our parents. Tenager tend to get embrassed when they have to go places with their parents or guardians. I know I sometimes do, it depends on where we are going. If we are going out to eat with as a family I am not embarrassed, but if I go to the movies with my friends and my parent stay there it’s a little embarrassing for teenagers. This is my first reason why you should not pass this bill. My second reason why you should not pass this bill is our parents have lives too, they don’t always have time to bring teens everywhere. My parents are both busy with work and driving everywhere. They can’t always have time to bring us where we need to go. I live close to one mile away from the high school, and there is no bus to bring me to school. So when my school has 2 hour late starts, and my parents have to be at work at the same time as usual, I have to walk to school. Walking a mile in less than thirty degree weather for thirty to forty minutes is not fun. It would be nice to have my driver’s license when I turn 16 so I don’t have to walk to school in freezing cold weather. Another example would be if I went to a party and it didn’t end until 1 o’clock in the morning, my parents aren’t going to want to drive to pick me up and bring me home. They probably would rather be sleeping then, not driving to get me from somewhere. This is my second reason why you should not pass this