A Brief Note On Unfair Salaries

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Andres Ramirez
Professor Adams
English 101
7 October 2013
Unfair Salaries The entertainment business and sports generate huge amounts of profits, so much that athletes, pop stars, and actors are paid even more than our firefighters, teachers, and police officers(Do Pro...). I believe this is very unfair and very problematic in how we take our educators and emergency providers seriously. Though some may argue that the entertainers and athletes deserve every penny they get simply because we consume their services in our free market. I seriously doubt that some of these coaches and artist need to be paid such a high salary. Sports coaches seem to be over-glorified gym trainers. Professors getting laid off. System is set up in a way where a coach is able to be profitable. Paying too much money for tickets and merchandise. Messed up priorities. keeping mind off what is going on in the world today. Some play for free. Coaches salaries. Stipend: a fixed sum of money paid periodically for services or to defray. Kansas coach Bill Self’s stipend salaries. College tuition high and need to play sports to pay for college. Paying for books, rooms, education. Pell grant paying for school anyways. Every player on every kind of sports roster should get a stipend. Coaches making 1.5 to 4 million dollars a year. Overseas, premier league tickets caused protest in English football. Ruining generations. Increasing ticket prices year after year. “They don’t care about football, they don’t care about fans, all they care about is money and brands”. Pearl Jam wants fair ticket prices for fans. Eddie Vedder and ticketmaster feud. Accusing of ticketmaster in unfair practices in price gouging. Pearl Jam filed a complaint in the Justice Department. They do not