Practicum Evau Summary MSN Essay

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Practicum Evaluation Summary
The practicum learning agreement created between the masters of Science in nursing (MSN) student and the instructor was approved for the goal to perform in the role of a nurse educator at the Domiciliary Rehabilitation Program at the Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). The population of the Domiciliary Residential Rehabilitation Program is veterans with multiple and severe medical conditions, mental illness, addiction, or psychosocial deficits. Military-related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can negatively affect the veteran’s well-being (Health Services Administration, 2010). The care needs of the nursing staff were assessed to identify the need for the educational program in the
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Competence, education and skills play a critical role in achieving safe patient care in a complex health care system.
Nursing professionals have the role to ensure the translation of evidence into practice while evaluating outcomes. The demand for improved patient care and a safe health care delivery system is taught at the University of Phoenix and the Veterans Health Administration. Nurses have a direct effect on patient care outcomes and quality (McLaughlin & Kaluzny, 2006). Influencing change is essential in any organization and a good change agent is required as a leader (Tomey, 2009). Analyzing and identifying the need to implement an educational course to teach nursing staff how to better care for veterans with PTSD requires the collection of data, using the right tools, preparing objectives, and evaluating the process of change. Advance nursing education has helped to gain the skills to diagnose and plan positive change to improve patient care outcomes. The principles of successful leadership are important in affecting change. Leadership skills are necessary to drive and maintain change.
Views on diversity can bring change to programs. Veterans bring their own set of beliefs and values to a diverse and multicultural environment. Providing relevant care is important for nurses to understand their own beliefs, culture and values as well as understanding the veteran’s views. Their rights to confidentiality and privacy are trusted