Essay Practicum: Want and Social Service Needs

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Chapter 8: Exercises 8-1, 8-2 & 8-3
Exercise 8-1
1. *Big smile* “Hello everyone. My name is ___ and I work for the ___ Agency that specializes in placing seniors in great residential nursing facilities.” While introducing myself I would shake all the family members hands. After introducing myself I would provide the family with my formal identification card.
2. I would first apologize for having them wait and briefly explain the reason. *big smile* “How’s everyone doing today? My name is _____ and I work for the ____ Training Center. I recognize a few faces. I am beyond excited to be here today, I’ve heard many of you have great talents, I was hoping to see some them today. How does that sound? Alright let’s get by getting to know each other a little more we will do introduction and an icebreaker.”
Exercise 8-2
1. *Smile* “Hey, My name is ______and what is your name? *handshake* Are you ready for the meeting? Is there anything I can help you with before we start?
• The reason I would introduce myself this way to the 23-year-old man would because he is currently intoxicated and he is currently not capable of taking part in a professional meeting. I am also reaching out to help him without over doing it.
2. *Smile* “Hello everyone I am very excited to see all you here today. My name is ________, I work with the agency and I am here to assist all of your needs. We are going to start off with introductions, I will start, then parents and then children. I want to know three things; your full name, your favorite color and your favorite thing to do for fun. How does that sound?”
• I used this introduction because I don’t want the children or the parents to notice that I am trying to focus on the children’s last names. I also want to get to know them a little better. I would set an example for them making them feel more comfortable and encouraged by the little icebreaker.
3. *Stand up* It is a pleasure to be here today. My name is _____and I work with the ______ Agency. I apologize I know most of you, but not all.”
• I let everyone know my full name and what agency I worked with, which is the way every social worker should start. I believe the last part of my introduction would motivate everyone to introduce himself or herself. I used simple words yet it was very formal and professional.
Exercise 8-1
1. “Hello, how are you today? My name is _____ and I work for the Public House Agency. I am conducting an interview to determine social service needs. My roles as a social worker would be an educator, an evaluator and facilitator. An educator because I am providing information to the residents about increasing their social service needs. An evaluator because I am making judgments and recommendations based on the responses of the residents. And a facilitator because after the evaluation I will help bring the community together.
2. “Hello my name is ______ and I work for the _____Agency. I know this a difficult time for the entire family, but I am here to help you all with your needs and to make this tough situation a little more pleasant.” My roles as a social worker are a counselor and a facilitator. I would be a counselor because the family is expiring an unpleasant situation and I would provide support and guidance. A facilitator because I will be bringing the family together and encouraging them to cooperate in their decisions and efforts.
3. “Hello ladies it’s nice to see all of you again, you all already know me so please call feel free to call me ____. We are here today because many of you have