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Achievement with Merit
Achievement with Excellence
Use statistical methods to make a formal inference.
Use statistical methods to make a formal inference, with justification.
Use statistical methods to make a formal inference, with statistical insight. TROUT

Every year over the three days of Easter an international trout fishing competition is held on Lake Taupo.
Further information about the competition and trout can be found at these websites: Use the statistical enquiry cycle with this data to conduct a statistical investigation and write a report describing an investigation that uses statistical methods to make a formal inference related to the trout caught in the lake Taupo Fishing competition.
The data contains a list of all the trout weighed in during the Easter fishing competitions in 1997. This data is contained in the spreadsheet trout1997 .csv
The data was recorded by competition organisers. This data was used by the Department of Conservation to calculate the trout species populations in Lake Taupo.

*Hospital details have not been provided to ensure privacy of all research participants.

Variable definitions:
Weight of the fish in kg
Length of the fish in cm, (minimum for this competition is 45cm measured from nose to the V-in the tail.
The condition the fish was in. This is calculated by
How Caught the method used to catch the fish. DT=Deep Trolling, ST= Shallow Trolling, FF=Fly Fishing
is either Rainbow or Brown (these species are sometimes referred to as salmonids)
male or female
maiden or spawned
Student Task
Write a report describing the investigation

& Purpose
Familiarise yourself with the data set provided.
This will