Prada – Leading the Technological Revolution in the Fashion World Essay

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Prada – Leading the technological revolution in the fashion world

Prada is a famous brand that sells luxury goods for men and women. Even though Prada hails from Italy, where family owned companies have strong patriarchal values and hidden agendas, Prada has outgrown most of its competition due to its openness and transparency. Not only that, but Prada has always been in the forefront of using technology to step its game up and thus become a label that directs the fashion world. One such example was when Prada partnered with LG to introduce a “fashion phone” that had first capacitive touch screen, well before Apple introduced iPhone. The fact that Prada isn’t shy from trying out new ideas in the technology front, whether to use it
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Not only that but this hybrid system, that combines both ERP and CRM, will show the customer whether the item is available in other local Prada stores, the warehouse or even in a Prada store in another continent.

This IS system provides multiple benefits. Just like Walmart, it offers Prada a way to monitor its stock worldwide and respond to changes in stock (although Prada doesn’t have anything close to Walmart’s SCM system, the focus isn’t on improving supply chain but to improve customer service). And it also offers the sales rep more personal and longer interaction with customers. Instead of running to the stockroom or calling the warehouse, the sales rep can immediately tell the customer about the availability of an item and when they might be in stock. It helps foster better relationship with the customer and also brings more opportunity to sell other items through longer interaction.
In terms of organization, it changes the way the sales rep are trained. Other than just knowing about fashion and clothes, the employees has to be also trained to be proficient in the use of this IS system and be confident in using it. Once trained, the sales reps do not have to have knowledge about the stock or run around looking for items. Everything will be at their fingertips, thus allowing them to focus on the customers.

For the upper echelons of Prada, this combination of ERP and CRM allows them to identify fast-selling designs and grow those