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In the early hours of yesterday morning, the invading Norwegian army, led by King Sweno, swept down the cliffs of North-Eastern Scotland rushing up to meet the armies of King Duncan. Having a far greater military strength and huge amounts of men, King Sweno’s army had seemed, from the beginning, sure to win this horrific mass murder as, they knew all the weaknesses of the Scottish army. With Captain McDonwald, Thane of Cawdar, now changed sides, the traitor now hid behind the Norwegian lines, it would be fair to say that the King Sweno’s men had quite a good chance of winning this battle...
After 10 hours of continues hand-to-hand combat, both armies had been nearly exhausted to death. Even with the strength of mass numbers, the Norwegian army still hadn’t been able to grab the upper hand because of the disciplined and tough soldiers led by King Duncan; seeing to wave upon wave of endless and everlasting charges. As nearly both sides were both heavily drunk with fatigue and literally looking like they were trudging through dense sticky dough, it seemed as though no one was going to win this battle except tiredness who had been secretly infiltrating the arms and legs of those who even tried to raise they swords… alas, there did seem one hope - Macbeth - the Thane of Glams. Cutting down dozens at a time, this unyielding force of terror cut down dauntless numbers of capable men. Literally sawing whole paths through the battlefield, he hacked a straight line across the rows and rows of Norwegian men, content on something way ahead of him; nothing would stand in his way. Officers who dared to even lift an arm didn’t even realize that they had been flung 20 feet and killed instantly. With this massive bulldozing machine, he turned heads and abruptly stopped the supposedly ‘non-stop chaos’, into an assembly where the mighty Macbeth