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Prasanna Thyagarajan.
ESL: 408
Mrs Reitan

One thing has never changed in my life that is my dad voice whispering every night outside my room saying, “chase your dream”, These three words have changed me completely from top to bottom from my approaches towards life to helping others. Three persons who helped me ace this world my father, my mother and motivation speaker BRENDON BURCHARD by their life experience and motivational thing which helped me keep on moving in life.
Indubitably, every night my dad used to say to me never lose hope in your life, make the lost hope as in your first hope. When I dream about my old days, first thing which strikes me is my long struggle to reach here. All the compliments goes to my dad who never left me feel alone and stood beside me like a pillar. Whenever I used to score low in my mock SAT’S, he used to lift me up by his words and again only one word he used to say is “chase your dreams”. this one sentence used to make a huge difference in my life and is still making the difference, My dad used to say to me; To accomplish your dream you need to be motivated and passionate, If these two things are there in your life you can ace anything, My parents knew how big my dreams where and the bigger I dream the bigger, I grew is what parents used to say to me in fact my dad. The passion I had and way of approaching things at this young age was a huge advantage for me, but he made me realized not only these things where important but how much you put in effort to accomplish your dream is also as important as any other factor . The level of passion he had and drive he had, made me feel passionate and motivated in one or the other way.
Undoubtedly, my mom influenced, or she was my backbone in any circumstances , While I was in grade eleventh, she was suffering from lung pneumonia the rarest of diseases and the survival rate of this disease is very low in fact low to nil, She fought for her life and won the race during her sickness; She used to call me and talk to me about my dreams and way to accomplish it , During that period as well she used to tell how to help others and make your life and others life better, this is what she taught me throughout my life, The best part of this even though she was ill she said to me “In life never ask for help instead go and help without saying anything” These special words has always been in my senses, I try to obey her words.
She made me realize that this world is too big Nobody cares if you die or survive, but on contrast to this she used to say, “It’s your responsibility to make mark in this world” her approach towards life made her survive this attack. I still remember that day when she was rushed to hospital in special care unit the one word she was saying to me was just be positive, This is what makes her special then anybody else I believe. So at the end she used to