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Kottapalli 1

Pravin Kottapalli
Jessica Morrow
English 151A
6 August 2014

Revision Memo This paragraph is about the different types of dance. Before writing this paragraph, I selected a few types of dances that interested me. I did research on these dancing styles and started writing my paragraph. In the beginning I chose six styles of dancing that I enjoyed and wrote about them. However when I revised my paragraph, I realized that I didn’t talk about each of the different types enough. In order to solve this problem and make my paragraph more interesting I chose to write about four styles instead of six. This was a good decision because it let me talk in more detailed about each of the dancing styles and give more information and knowledge that I learned from my research. After making this revision I could talk more about the culture, the origin, and give a more detailed explanation about each of the dancing styles.
I used a similar process for writing this paragraph that I do for most of my writing. Once
I understood the topic I began to brainstorm and write my thoughts and ideas on paper. I then worked on putting the ideas together using words and sentences and writing them so that they formed a paragraph. If I could have more time to work on this paragraph I would try to improve the vocabulary and sentence structure that I used. I would challenge myself to use higher level words and